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PRE-SCHOOLER biker, Victor Nyamupfukudza, aged only five, already has eight accolades under his belt.

The skilled biker horned his riding skills at three and has never looked back. His club, Bogwheeler Club is excited by this prodigy under their stable.

Victor has even charmed the First Lady, Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa, with his skills and she was at a loss of words after she watched him at an event in Mabvuku, in June 2018.

After being recently crowned the 2019 Pee Wee champion, Victor says he never thinks of his age when competing,


“I am happy to have won a trophy again though I was the youngest. When riding with older competitors, I will be just thinking of the trophy saying, if I do not win, I will cry. I do not want to cry in my life,” said Victor.

 Bogwheeler Motocross Club chairman, Owen Robison was full of praises for the sensation.

“At Victor’s age, that is where it all starts. I am grateful for the right attitude from the boy’s parents and they should continue supporting this talented boy.

“Victor started three years ago and now he is moving into the 5OCC class, which is his first national class. I see big things coming from that class next year.

“He did a couple of races last year, but I see him doing big things in that class. We will see him on top of this game soon carrying the national flag high.

“I have never seen someone so dedicated to the sport like this little bundle of energy. Imagine at the age of three, he was already doing wonders with his bike. This talent should be supported by all stakeholders,” Chairman, Owen Robison said.

He said their desire is to see many bikers being churned out, but the exorbitant costs of bikes was a major deterrent.

Another motor bike enthusiast, James Jacksons chipped in and said: “Victor will always continue turning heads with his skills. He loves his sport and he gives everything. I think a disciplined sportsperson or child is obviously from a disciplined family. This means Victor will continue being an inspiration to many kids out there because sports discipline is not a walk in the park.”


Victor’s father, Simbabrashe Nyamupfukudza, was elated after the boy received his latest trophy,

“We as a family are very happy today for our son’s exploits. He has won the 2019 Bogwheeler Club championship. He has done very well at both club and national championship levels.

“Victor has been a champion from a tender age of four. He has been motivating us to continue investing in him to achieve greatness in this sport.

“He was crowned the champion last year despite being the youngest competitor in that category which had eight-year-old bikers.

“Victor started riding a motor cycle when he was just three. He is now composed even when the bike challenges him on tough and rough terrains,” said Nyamupfukudza.

He said his son is always motivated to try bigger machines.

“He started riding with a starters’ Pee Wee motorcycle for four to six-year-olds, but he did not take time on this as he quickly challenged the next size called the 50s size.

“Experts say he must concentrate on the Pee Wee size, but he has already mastered it and is already using the seven to nine-year-olds motorcycle.

“He is simply a genius motorcyclist. Like at schools, geniuses or wiz-kids are allowed to jump grades or classes, so we have allowed our son to experiment with bigger motorcycles. He has already won many accolades even before starting Grade One,” he said.


 Victor has performed at bigger national events where he left those in attendance clamouring for more.

“He is always experimenting with new thrillingly frightening stunts whenever he wears his helmet. He performs like an experienced rider.

 “He is always serious with improving his riding skills. At times we ride together, but he is always up to the challenges. He makes life difficult for elders.

“He overtakes at terrains where most riders opt to slow down because of the dangerous state,” said Victor’s father.

He bemoaned lack of sponsorship from the corporate world.

“We are financing everything. He needs professional physical training which does not upset his growth but compliments his cycling career physically and mentally.

 “Victor needs more juices, water and fruits during and after cycling, not forgetting his safety kit and medical insurance. We also appeal to have free duty for all his needs, mainly sports kits.

“We have since bought four bikes for him and recently we bought a KTM50CCC for seven to nine-year-old riders worth US$3 000 from South Africa. We have paid half of the amount,” he said.

 The Nyamupfukudzas were blessed with four children and Shamaine is also a rider who once experienced an arm injury.


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