Paul Mpofu Son Joins Alick Macheso

Primrose Chikanya

Paul Mpofu Junior, son to the late Paul Mpofu of Murambinda fame, has joined Alick Macheso’s Orchestra Mberikwazvo as a drummer.

In an interview with H-Metro on Sunday, Mpofu said he was enjoying life at Orchestra Mberikwazvo.

“Today is my second day at work.

“I started on Saturday when we held a show in Budiriro.


“I performed in Budiriro and I will be performing again today,” he said.

Mpofu Junior did not hesitate to reveal that he is the one who approached Macheso.

“I am the one who approached Mr Macheso to be frank.

“I went to him and I told him that I was looking for a job.

“Since I am someone he knew and he knew my father, he did not hesitate to assist me.

“Vakatoti huya ndikudzidzise son no problem,” he said.

Mpofu Junior could not hide his excitement.

“I am very happy.

“It feels great to be honest.

“This is my dream come true to work with someone so big like this.


“Macheso is recognised everywhere even outside Zimbabwe.

“The exposure I’m getting right now is too much.

“I’m also happy with the experience I’m attaining,” he added.

Mpofu Junior went on to thank Alick Macheso.

“I’m very grateful to Mr Macheso.

“Not only on my behalf but on behalf of everyone he has stretched his helping hand to.

“Mr Macheso has a helping hand, he helps almost everyone.

“Personally I thank God for him.

“I wish him and his family very well.

The crooner went on to talk about his personal life.


“I really believe I will make it.

“I can do it.

“My Dad passed away in 2000 and I remember playing drums when I was 7 years old at his shows.

“So drumming was just bestowed in me from childhood.

“I have Mr Macheso to thank for raising my hopes and dreams.

“Also to thank Gift the Senior drummer here at Orchestra who his footsteps im also following,” he said.

“Many people ask why I don’t sing since my father was a singer.

“But to be honest my passion is in drumming not in singing.

“Drumming is my calling.”