‘Enzo’s latest not a Chillspot diss’

Edwin Nhukarume

One of the Chillspot Records  producers Levelz has dismissed speculation by some of the Zim dancehall fans that Enzo Ishall’s new song titled Uri Kutsvireiko is a diss song for their record label.

The song has a message which stresses on leaving deals or relationships that do not come with a benefit.

The song has been released after Enzo Ishall signed a new deal under TeeMak.

Therefore, it has made many fans to speculate that Enzo Ishall is singing about Chillspot Records, which was his recording label before getting signed to TeeMak.


An excerpt of some of the lines are as follows:

“Uri kutsvireiko tea kana isina sugar, chidhabhurawo wega..

“… upenyu injuga zvakuda chimafiya…

“…fanika ndisati ndapapinda ndokoshesa benefit, kune vese vari kuhodha koshesa mapurofit..

“… panongoda kunzi haa maya bho, kubhogedzera kuwin kuti bho…”

The song has been well received as many social media audiences gave a positive feedback.

Most of his fans are saying the real Enzo Ishall they know is back.

However, Levelz said he wrote the song with Enzo Ishall and refuted claims that the chanter was dissing Chillspot Records.

“The track is ok. I am okay with the song and I aslo want to let everyone who is thinking that it is a diss song directed to Chillspot Records its not true.

“I even wrote that song with Enzo Ishall,” said Levelz.