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Ginimbi begs for forgiveness

Arron Nyamayaro

SOCIALITE and businessman Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure humbled himself and begged for forgiveness in his graveside speech at the burial of his mother in Domboshava on Saturday.

Ginimbi sobbed by the side of Salvation Army church captain wishing his mother Juliana Mubaiwa’s soul to rest in peace.

“Today I feel humbled by the multitudes here who have helped me in bidding farewell to the woman, used by God for my existence on earth, we are laying to rest today,” said Ginimbi.

“Allow me to beg for forgiveness, on behalf of my mother to my relatives, villagers, friends and even to medical doctors who may have fallen victim of negative speech during her life.


“In life you make mistakes either deliberately or not but today I am seeking your forgiveness.

“I became who I am because of my parents and today I have many friends from around and beyond.

“I stand before you to thank my friends who carried my burden by donating most of the expenses you witnessed during this funeral.

“Haizi mari yangu yarerutsa basa riripano asi shamwari dzangu dziripano nedzisipo vamira neni vandinyaradza ndinokutendai mose.

“Iyo tende huru iyo yaunzwa naZodwa uye ndinotenda mavillagers nekugadzira paradzikwa amai vangu.

“I was in Botswana when my mother passed on but my friends made sure all was in place together with my relatives and this humbled me much,” said Ginimbi.

Ginimbi mentioned a number of his friends who made contributions at the funeral.

Most of the villagers who spoke to H-Metro hailed Ginimbi for influencing them to build better houses and his idea of meeting the cost for a tarred road in their community.

Gogo Juliana was laid to rest in Nyamande village.