Pumacol goes gospel

Nyasha Kada

CONTROVERSIAL dancehall artiste, Pumacol, has surprised many of his fans after releasing a new gospel track titled Makomborerero.

The talented lyricist, who says he likes to play around with metaphors when it comes to creating his compositions, has faced criticism from various music fans and critics who think otherwise because of his controversial lyrics about the devil.

In one of his songs entitled “Hello Father Devil”, he sings:

“Hello Father Devil murisei sei?


“…I am bad like Lucifer…”

The song created a lot of debate but the lanky 23 year old Mabvuku based artiste has since dismissed any illuminati allegations saying he is only an artiste that has to portray different situations.

“When it comes to music people must understand its art, I sing because of different situations.

“If one is given a role to act as a witch or devil in a film does it mean they are into Satanism, it’s only a temporary role.

“I grew and was raised in the church, ndinotonamata pandiri pano hence I have released the song Makomborero, a gospel track.”

Pumacol said the song is a prophetic song where he thanks God for the blessings that he has showered him so far and the ones to come this very year.

“Gore rino makomborero chete,” he said.

He added the song has been well received and also revealed he has a lot of collaborations he will be releasing this year, among them a song with Ammara Brown and another featuring Nutty O and Simba Tagz.