Snodia Mikiri, Sports Reporter

Chicken Inn goalkeeper Bernard Donovan has hailed the engagement of former Warriors goalkeeper Energy Murambadoro as assistant coach ahead of the 2020 Premiership season.

Murambadoro joined the team this month as goalkeepers’ coach and is already part of pre-season training.

The introduction of the veteran has left Donovan dreaming big.

“For the upcoming season our department will be an improved one, it will be the best and it won’t have competition.

“We will be the best in the league. There will be more clean sheets, more top class saves.

“I am positive this season is ours. We have a lot to learn about modern goal keeping. The future looks bright,” said Donovan.

Energy Murambadoro

Donovan joined Chicken Inn from Ngezi Platinum on a two-year deal and he had a great season last year.

“I grew up looking up to him and the feeling of working with him is awesome. It’s one of the greatest feeling.

“There is a lot I have to copy, master learn and adjust to. He alone is an inspiration and working with him is a motivation.

“He is a legend, we all know that. I am learning from the best,” added Donovan.

For the 2020 season, Donovan wants to be better.

“This season my target is to do better than I did last season. Help the team do better.

“Collect more clean sheets and add value to the team.

“Personal achievements will be an added blessing,” he said.

The 37-year-old, Murambadoro, retired from a football career that has spanned over 16 years when we was at Amazulu in South Africa in May last year.