Nyasha Kada

Dancehall artiste Kinnah has denied being a spent force.

He said his forthcoming singles collection set to be released this Saturday at his mammoth 29th birthday bash at the Harare Gardens will silence all doubting Thomses and critics.

Popularly known as Mr Mbare in the ghetto streets, Kinnah is expected to release an eight-track compilation that he hopes will win hearts of dancehall fans.

Fans have not heard anything substantial from the chanter after the hit song V” but the talented chanter has asked fans to give an ear to his forthcoming project.


“After my Harare Gardens show that did not end well last year, I fell ill and went off the radar a bit, but ever since I gained full strength I have been working in the studio tirelessly to make sure I give my fans something.

“It’s been a while since I released something, I know the fans are starved and this time I am giving them something they will be excited about,” said Kinnah.

Kinnah will hold a potentially exciting bash to launch his singles compilation that will also incorporate his 29th birthday celebrations.

Billed to perform at the show is an array of artistes that includes Soul Jah Love, Sehh Calaz, Killer T, Hwindi president, Dhadza D, Guspy Warrior and Bazooka.

“This Saturday I am asking all to come in numbers and fill up Harare Gardens as I release new music as well celebrate my birthday.

“The last time it didn’t end well but this time around I promise a good show, good music and fireworks,” he added.