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Highlands Primary parents stage demo

Desmond Munemo, H-Metro Reporter

HIGHLANDS Primary School parents yesterday held a demonstration against the school headmistress alleging maladministration amid deterioration concerns.

Parents held placards at the school entrance demanding the dismissal of school headmistress Ncelani Mandeya who is accused of several underhand dealings and mismanagement.

She was not immediately available for comment.


The SDC Chairperson Jonathan Chandaengerwa told H-Metro that the audit exposed theft of property cases, including 825000 liters of water and 300 kilograms of meat that was paid for but not delivered.

“What came out of the audit was quite revealing as the school was prejudiced quiet large sums of money and the head did not dispute anything in it.

“The level at which the school has reached needs someone different for it to take off.

“Our boarding kids are eating spaghetti and cabbage while this is happening.

“We requested the cutting of grass as you have heard that they were big snakes seen around the school and there were worms in the toilet on the opening day of schools.

“All the school vehicles are not functional, sports have not started and I think parents have been stretched enough,” he said.

The school workers who spoke to H-Metro on condition of anonymity said they were being paid $300 per month and had been cushioned to $600.

The SDC chairperson said the school had adequate water tanks but the water is not available at the school prompting workers to use buckets to fetch from a pond.

“The water is not even safe for bathing and it shows how the school is being mismanaged.

“All children of the SDC members were expelled because we have been fighting against the mismanagement of our beautiful school.


“There is no food at the boarding section since last week and the money that was paid is missing, so the review is necessary for accountability,” said Chandaengerwa.

One parent, Richard Mukandi told H-Metro that parents had petitioned the education authorities and that the school had deteriorated due to the negligence and misconduct.

“The situation at this school has really gone bad to such an extent that snakes are seen in blocks and the playground.

“Bhazi nyuwani ravekunzi harisisina ma tyres, mari dzirikubiwa, pakawanikwa nyoka cobra day rekuvhura pachikoro and vana ma ECD vanenge varimuhuswa.

“This shows the school is not being maintained yet we have all the equipment is available.

“This school has been excellent in sports, even (Minister) Kirsty Coventry passed through here but our kids have not been swimming the whole of last year.

“There has been some audits conducted including one from the ministry but no action has been taken since.

“Last year we had a meeting with the School Development Committee (SDC), and the head was just quiet as she was not able to respond to the missing funds and all the issues are pointing back to her.

“So, here we are saying it is better head aende hake and imagine we are paying $200,” said Mukandi.

H-Metro caught up with Harare Provincial Education Director (PED), Christopher Kateera who refused to comment on the matter.


“I’m not their employer and I cannot comment on anything that is yet to come to my attention.

“They have to take it up to the public service otherwise I will respond when it comes to me,” said Kateera.