Takawira (Photovet) Dapi

JAH Prayzah’s free appreciation gig held in Budiriro over the weekend can best be described as a thriller which united artistes, sponsors and arts regulatory chiefs.

Towards the end of his performance, Jah Prayzah called and introduced two dancehall artistes Boss Pumacol and Bazooka on stage in a show of solidarity.

Deputy Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation Tinoda Machakaire, spoke of how he was honoured to be part of the proceedings.

“I had to hustle through the congested road to get here, I could not go home before I give them handshakes and assuring them face-to-face that the Ministry will not leave these artists suffering in a country which is showing good signs of rising again.


“We are going to push all their programmes to go through and support promoters who are doing a good job in partnering,” he said.

Hon Tinmac, as the deputy minister is affectionately called, said he had attended the show to see how he could assist artistes, especially upcoming ones.

“That is why I physically came here. I observed that the PA System is the artistes’ main obstacle but they were happy and the fans very happy too. So for that reason, I am going to support them 100 percent,” he declared.

On artistes’ complaints over lack of airplay and non-payment of royalties by radio and TV stations, Dep Minister Machakaire said:

“We are going to sit down with them as their Ministry to end this.

“We want their fame to match their fortunes.”

Before he left, Dep Minister Machakaire said he would continue engaging with the people.

“Change has arrived courtesy of the Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation Ministry.

“I mean practical results for people, I live amongst people, I know what they want and how they want it.


“We no longer need political statements for people, our ministry is going to deliver the youth’s needs, period.”

Comedienne Mai Titi, who graced the event, hailed Jah Prayzah for uniting artistes.

“Thank you Jah Prayzah for unveiling new artistes from his ghetto.

“JP is an artiste who respects his roots, I used to hang around with him in Budiriro when we were kids.

“Ndaitombotamba naye pa Budiriro 3, pa Mic Joe, but takazongo buda wayiziva.

“I would like to thank (Dep) Minister Machakaire, he is not even that difficult for us to approach, just look at the way he trailed down these artists from that Willowvale Road, dai vari vamwe vatoenda kumba kwavo.

“The Minister listens to us and solves our obstacles, I think last week you all saw him visiting Bounty Lisa who is not well now, ndokuti Minister ka uku.

“This is what we really call a Minister of the people, to be always amongst them.”

Botswana based musician and producer Tawanda “Dr Tawanda” Kasaira, said Jah Prayzah deserved all the respect.

“To tell you the truth, let us from this minute respect Jah Prayzah, like his name Mukudzei Mukombe says.


“JP has shown the world that arts and culture business is the only engine that can take you to any destination of your dream, regardless of your physical ability, your religion, your culture, your colour.

“JP is now a pacesetter to any dream, just look at the way the JP brand attracted the corporate world.

“Just look at the big brands whose flags were flying throughout the big crowd.

“On behalf of all African artistes, I say Africa has now accepted that you (Jah Prayzah) are one of our African icons,” said Dr Tawanda.

In another interview, Bazooka who performed at the same event hailed Jah Prayzah.

“This is the chance we have been waiting for to meet such high profile people like him (Hon Machakaire), we are now happy, thank you Mukoma Jah Prayzah, maita basa.”

Boss Pumacol added:

“I do not have much to say but to just thank God because I did not expect this chance”.

“We go back again thanking Mukoma Jah Prayzah, mayiziya, he is the man who made all these fans to come here so that he unveils us like he did.

“Lastly, I say thank you to Hon Machakaire because after the show, he said he will continue supporting us.”