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Man stabs father to death


Mathew Masinge, Court Reporter

A Murewa man facing a murder charge after stabbing his father to death claims he killed him for causing poverty in their family.

Elliot Rewu, who stabbed his father Chamunorwa Makumborenga three times on the head in April last year, told the High Court yesterday that he suspected that his late father’s hand in witchcraft which he claimed was hindering his progress and that of his siblings.

Soon after committing the crime, Elliot told his mother Varaidzo Makumborenga that he had done the job for his siblings and no one would bewitch them ever again.


According to the agreed facts with the State, Elliot confessed to killing his father on a morning the deceased had planned to seek a protection order against him.

“I attacked him because I couldn’t understand why he was pursuing a court order against me.

“He never told me what I had done to deserve such treatment,” Elliot told the court.

He said he always suspected his late father of practicing witchcraft.

“I came home one day and met unfamiliar visitors in our living room, greeted them before asking my mother who the people in the kitchen were.

“To my surprise my mother was not seeing the people physically but I did.

“My late father’s hand in witchcraft was also evident by how some of my siblings and I would struggle with life, nothing that we did seemed to have life in it,” claimed Elliot.

The matter has been set for judgment next Monday before High Court Judge Tawanda Chitapi.