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Comedian lays out 2020 plans

Carl Joshua Ncube

Carl Joshua Ncube is one of the most sought after comedians of our time.

His art has taken him as far as Mexico. The art that runs in him manifests in different facets of his life, including his job as a chef.

Herald Reporter Clodine Manyozo (CM) caught up with Carl Joshua Ncube (CJN), who is briefly visiting Harare before he returns to his Victoria Falls base, to discuss his personal and professional life.

CM: Is there competition in the comedy sector in Zimbabwe?

CJN: There is no competition because we all have different ways of doing our things and that is not comparable. A comedian can stand for 20 minutes and perform then I can stand for 20 minutes as well, but there will be no competition it will be just me doing my thing and him doing his.


CM: Are you facing any challenges in coming up with skits?

CJN: Comparing stand-up comedy to skit comedy is the same as comparing dancehall to urban grooves music. They are not the same, so we have a different market. In stand-up comedy, I will be in front of the audience and in skit comedy, they stand in front of the camera and then broadcast it.

CM: Have you ever been tempted to do skit comedy?

CJN: Skit comedy is not my skill and I do not really follow it although Gonyeti, Madam Boss and Mai Titi are very good at it.

CM: How often do you have shows in Victoria Falls?

CJN: I had about three shows in Victoria Falls last year and before international audiences. I do not usually have shows in Victoria Falls. This year I do not even have any show lined up there.

CM: Why is it that you do not have shows in Zimbabwe?

CJM: I told myself that I had to focus on the international audience because I do comedy that makes them want to visit Zimbabwe since I am a tourism ambassador

Harare has a lot of stand-up comedians, so I cannot perform here when we have other comedians already. I need to market my country in other countries and that will make the people come to Zimbabwe.

CM: What are you in Harare for? Business or it is just a visit?


CJM: I have a number of meetings and some projects I am working on. I am also working with the Zimbabwe Theatre Academy on a few projects. Besides, I am having family time and meeting old partners since I stay in Victoria Falls. I am only doing a few errands. I do not usually like programmes that are not in my plans.

CM: What are your plans for the year?

CJM: I have other projects that I am doing in the first half of the year besides comedy. I have a book that is coming out in February which is on cooking.

I will be touring the world this year and I have some countries already lined up and some are not yet confirmed.

In August, I will be going to South Africa for a few comedy shows.

There are also plans of going to Botswana, Australia and Eswatini though it is not yet confirmed.

I will be in the United States (US) in October and I will also focus on south-eastern Asia where l will be going to Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and Thailand amongst other countries and cities.

In November, I will be in the United Kingdom and other European countries.