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Andy bashed over married woman

. . . I wasn’t aware she is married

Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

AWARD-WINNING musician, Andy Muridzo was bashed after he was caught relaxed in the company of a married woman at her matrimonial home in Waterfalls yesterday.

Muridzo, who was on Saturday crowned winner for the ZIMA traditional Folk (Chinyakare/Chimurenga) category, told H-Metro that he had not been aware that the woman, Itai Dhladla, 31, was married to Lenon Zaranyika.

Baba Keketso was in the company of one Simba, who fled from the scene and later returned with cops along with a female friend only identified as Queen.


It is claimed that Muridzo, Simba and Queen arrived at the house at around 2am and an eyewitness tipped Zaranyika who then went home and attacked the “disrespectful” Muridzo.

In an interview with H-Metro, Muridzo said he was given a hiding and the beating was so painful he contemplated fighting back but feared a gun.

“I was caught unaware and severely beaten. I thought of fighting back nekuti mmm zvibhakera zvandarohwa zvanga zvichirwadza.

“To be honest with you I was not aware that this woman is married and we were about to have some drinks with my friends.

“I am not in love with his wife but Queen is the one I am in love with and I do not know why she ran away leaving me exposed and unable to justify my relationship with her,” said Muridzo.

Andy Muridzo receives thorough hiding from Lenon Zaranyika after being caught with his wife

Simba later told H-Metro that he could not stand when he saw Zaranyika charging towards Andy forcing him to jump over a precast wall at the house.

“I noticed that the man was armed and I could not wait mdara ndamhanya ndikasvetuka durawall Queen azobuda nepaka corner sezvo gate ranga ravharwa,” said Simba.

Queen could not be reached for comment by the time of going to print.


Meanwhile, Itai confirmed cheating arguing that her husband has been denying her conjugal rights for some time and has more than one lovers to take care of her needs.

“My husband has been cheating me and at one time we spent more than four weeks without having sex kana kundibata zvake.

“I am still young and besides that I have a high sex drive that I need sex from time to time and he was not available and that is why I decided to have boyfriends who quenches my sexual appetite.

“Andy was severely attacked and I felt sorry for him but I will accompany him to one of his shows and comfort him.”

She said she no longer had anything to hide about her marriage.

“He phoned my father informing him that he caught me having sex on our matrimonial bed and that touched me much that I no longer fear to disclose everything about our marriage. The first time I cheated I confessed everything to him and we moved on but he decided to take our two children to a boarding school leaving me with this young one.

UNAPOLOGETIC . . . Itai defends her actions

“Four of my relatives came here and begged my husband on my behalf, he accepted and we continued with our marriage,” said Itai.

Zaranyika seems set to end the marriage if yesterday’s drama is anything to go by as he, at one time put Itai’s clothes in a suitcase for her to vacate.


“My wife started cheating the period I was away in Egypt and upon confronting her over some of the love messages I found in her mobile phone, she confessed her shenanigans. Her relatives pleaded with me but I decided to take our school going kids to a boarding school so that they would not witness their mother doing silly things.

“I felt insecure since we are legally married for the past nine years and this is why I thought of withdrawing conjugal rights she is talking of and looked for alternative accommodation.

“Her evil acts have exposed her and she is now after tarnishing my image and that of my friends and bosses and is now threatening to cook stories that tarnish my image.”