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‘I sing about weed, but I don’t smoke’


CHANTER Seh Calaz, born Tawanda Mumanyi, is one of the golden picks of the country’s dancehall movement, having sung his way to fame since 2013, picking up a number of controversies along the way.

Although the song Mabhanditi appeared to remain an underground track, the release of Mumota Murikubvira — which glorifies the use of marijuana — saw him dominating the airwaves.

He was voted the Best Male Dancehall Artiste at the King of the Dancehall Contest held in December 2013, where he pocketed R10 000.

A keen fashionista, the 29-year-old launched his own clothing label, Mabhanditi, which produces his stage costumes.


In May 2018, he was fined $100 by a Harare magistrate for recording the controversial song, Kurova Hohwa, which was classified as “obscene”.

On weed and smoking

I have sung a lot about weed, but I don’t smoke it.

Sexual innuendo

No comment. I got into trouble the last time over the same issue. People choose what they want to hear from it so I can’t keep explaining.

Dealing with fame

It’s only an issue when you are starting. In essence, it is a cycle of some sort. When you have passed the first phase of unknown to famous, you go back to being the person everyone knew before the fame. Humility is key because it’s the same people who made you famous so you have to still relate with them the same way every day.

Other interests outside music?

I am not at liberty to disclose other interests suffice to say that they are there and would ensure a bright future post-music career if that ever happens.

I spend time watching movies, especially Nigerian movies. I find them funny. Here and there I do find time to watch soccer.


Music choices

I listen to all music. You don’t know what you will learn and from who. I can’t pinpoint exactly but I’m fond of old timers who always had that genuine touch about them.

Best kept-secret

I’m a disciple of mastery. So I mastered music and that is my life.

Controversial love life

I don’t comment on such issues.