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Mai Titi torches storm over ‘Ben 10’

Mai Titi

CONTROVERSIAL comedienne and motivational speaker Felistas “Mai Titi” Murata has torched a social media storm claiming that most women who have drawn their swords against her over her “Ben 10” boyfriend, Zizoe Pamyk, were jealous.


The storm erupted after the socialite had posted intimate photographs and videos of herself with Zizoe (real name Blessed Zingwe), which went viral in December last year.

Mai Titi on Wednesday fired a salvo at her “haters” accusing them of being jealous of her relationship amid reports that the couple was set to tie the knot this year.

She said it was important for women to be properly groomed to attract the men they wanted.


“Most ladies attack me over Zoe… they are just jealous because they have been beaten to a man by an older woman and yet they don’t have even a spiritual husband. Now listen, you need to be (well-groomed) to attract the attention of men,” she said in Shona.

Mai Titi, who is on record saying she has failed to resist Zizoe’s love, said women must level up their game and stop hating her.

“You need style and pattern in this game for your to win the man you want. Just be well-groomed. There is no need to hate me simply because I have outmanoeuvred you on a man. Things will change for you if you take care of yourself… You don’t bed a man immediately because he has dated you. How will you get his respect? You can’t bed a man within 24 hours before you even get to know the name of the cat at his home,” she said.

In May 2018, Mai Titi broke down while live on her Facebook page, Mai T’s Diaries, accusing her former husband of infecting her with HIV and neglecting their child.