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It’s been a tough year: Josh

Trust Khosa

JOSH Hozheri says he would easily want to forget the past 12 months without Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi.

Tuku died on January 23 last year and was declared a national hero.

Ever since he joined the great band into the sky, Tuku’s loss is still being strongly felt among various stakeholders.

Being one of the young and vibrant music promoters to have worked with the Black Spirits boss then, Josh still has fond memories with the late singer.


“It has been a very difficult year without our superstar. The void left in the industry cannot be filled by anyone.

“The Tuku fans were robbed of that magnificent stage presentation. It’s indeed a big loss and its always hurting,” he said.

Josh, who gave a eulogy on Tuku’s massive sendoff at the National Sports Stadium, vividly remembers the last discussion he had with the footloose son of Katekwe.

“Our last discussion centred on good band management techniques and how young artistes should carry themselves.

“I remember I had gone there with Peter Moyo and Witness Nyakoko.

“It was a very long lunch at Pakare Paye Arts Centre. I had brought him a lawn mower which was a belated birthday present,” he said.

On what he still misses from Tuku, Josh spoke about Ubuntu.

“Tuku was a loving and very humble person. I miss that personality and it was quite helpful to us as promoters.

“I remember joining him to the Bushfire Festival (in Swaziland) just for me to have a feel of how other festivals were being organised.

“Tuku was very supportive in our festivals and big concerts that we organised.


“He would avail himself to any interview, public appearance and he would attend the popular Garwe lunches with journalists.

“That made music promotion easy and became family.”

Like any other human being, Tuku would also get irritated but had a way to his emotions.

“Tuku would get irritated by putting too many bouncers/security around him.

“He wanted Bruce or Selby and he was comfortable around these two.

“When pissed off he would just withdraw himself and I could read from his face and then quickly change,” he said.

On his association with Selmor Mtukudzi’s brand, Josh said he was only giving back to her father.

“I feel happy to be part of Team Selmor as a small thank you for what her father did to me.

“I became a top promoter because of Tuku and to date, we boast as a team comprising Taka, Chipaz and Chidzomba to have done the unforgettable Tuku@60 Concert.

“It was indeed a great success. We will forever not disclose our attendance figures of that event,” he said.


On his efforts to unite the Tuku family as well as preparations for Selmor’s first album after her father’s death, he added:

“I am happy and it has always been my wish to see the Tuku Family happy.

As for Dehwe reNzou album launch preparations, they are in order.

“It’s getting closer and there is too much work to be done. We are really trying our best

“To Tuku fans, please support #Team Selmor. There is very good music coming your way that was recorded by the very Best we could ever find. As a team, we did our best.”

Meanwhile, Alick Macheso is set to perform at Selmor’s album launch slated for HICC on January 31.