Macheso speaks on soccer emotions

Takawira Photovet Dapi

ALICK Macheso says he quit supporting local soccer teams as the game is full of emotions.

The Orchestra Mberikwazvo said he used to get affected when his team lost.

“I used to have and support my soccer team by heart but I would get affected each time it lost a game.

“Team yangu kana iyine zvayayitwa sooka, zvekuti kana sadza chayiro ndaisazodya kana hope chaid handayidziwana until the next game, ndayitowonda kuwonda kusara ndadai soo,” he said.


Macheso said he later realised that sport was just a game.

“Now I no longer do have a team that I support because of these reasons.

“I realised that I was likely to end up having an illness for life.

“Now, I congratulates both the winners  and the losers for making the completion possible.

“When it’s about national teams, obviously, I stand with the team,” he said.

Besides his love for soccer, Macheso urged people to love and forgive each other.

“Let us forgive and love each other wholeheartedly,” he said.

On new releases, Macheso said:

“What I am facing from music industry in 2020 is, we are building what we should have already released last year.

“We are now preparing 2020 videos and CD that many of you will call it Minamba.


“Many are going to talk about our many videos coming in 2020, we have done the research already,” he said.

Turning to humanitarian work,  Macheso has vowed to continue changing lives.

“As a humanitarian ambassador, I observed that many pregnant women are losing lives due to distance to health centres.

“So we are planning to set up mobile clinics for all health problems and medical check-ups for all than to go to clinics only when you get sick.

“Still on that humanitarian advocacy  in 2020, there are many children travelling very far distances to schools and at the at end, there is child abuse, so that is my humanitarian vision and mission in this 2020.

“Personally, I have helped the school that schooled me with the little I was blessed with by God, Enterprise Primary School , 70km to Shamva,” he said.