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Bounty is a breadwinner: Father

Rest Mutore

CHANTER Bounty Lisa’s father, Pinias Musenyi, says their life has changed since their daughter fell sick.

He said she was the one who was paying rentals among other demands but has not been able to do that since she could not hold shows.

“I retired at my workplace due to health conditions and she (Bounty Lisa) is the one who has been taking care of me and the family.

“I used to stay in Mbare, Matapi but she brought us here in Kuwadzana where she has been paying rentals with proceeds from her work.


“She is now not able to do that. We are grounded now because of this illness,” said Musenyi.

Musenyi said his wife, who is working in South Africa, is now the one who is taking care of the family.

“Like now, the rentals are now being charged in United States dollars. Her mother has since gone to South Africa and she was here recently and she paid the rentals.

“I just pray that my daughter is healed. I want to thank the Honourable Minister for the visit and the promise to help her,” he said.

Musenyi said they have tried everything to have his daughter’s health restored but to no avail.

“I ask myself several questions that chivanhu here? I tried everything and even went to Prophet Walter Magaya where the story they came out in the media,” he said.

Bounty Lisa is grounded after she developed a condition called Lipoma on her thigh.