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Back to school chaos escalates


Bethel Bayanai, H-Metro Reporter

Back to school chaos yesterday continued at some local schools as parents and guardians were still looking for places a day after the schools opened.

Most of the parents at Lewisam Primary School,  Vainona High and Oriel Boys High were still looking  and hopeful to get students places with some transferring their children to cheaper schools.

In order to match the prevailing economic challenges, some parents are transferring their children from private to Government schools, which are affordable.


Speaking to H-Metro, a parent who preferred anonymity, said sending a child to a private school nowadays is only easier for the rich.

“I cannot afford to pay fees in US dollars whilst I’m earning bond notes so the only option is to transfer my child to a Government school which is affordable.

“We are looking for places after schools have already opened after the school headmaster instructed the parents to wait till the day after opening so that if some children transfer ours will be fitted in,” she said.

Some other parents are transferring their children close to their homes to cut transport costs.