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Pupils turnout high

Tanyaradzwa Mamombe, H-Metro Reporter

Attendance was normal in various schools in Harare on the first day of term yesterday.

There was a great turnout of pupils in primary and high schools with most schools already resuming normal lesson routines.

H-Metro conducted a survey with school like Queen Elizabeth, Girls High where form one  students were being oriented to start their lessons.

In an interview with one of the parents who was waiting for her form one student at Vainona High School, they said pupils have attended school just like any other day and they have already started lessons.


“I am waiting for my child who is a form one student.

“When I dropped her in the morning pupils were all over this place.

“As the first day of school a few can miss school but most of the kids attended school today,” she said.

Hatcliffe Council Primary and secondary school also had normal attendance with a few missing or transferring to other schools.

A parent said the situation in most schools was normal and there are no complaints so far as they are still settling in.

“Today, as the first day of school, most of the kids attended because of orientation especially the form ones and grade ones.

“It’s a normal school day today, nothing has changed

Meanwhile, private schools like Chisipiti Girls High School, Herentals College and Gateway also had a normal attendance.