2019 was a great year for me – Kikky Badass

Taonga Nyemba, Entertainment Reporter

 Top female rapper Kikky Badass reckons 2019 was good year for her as she managed to get good mental health which added to her growth as an artiste.

The Body Conversation singer said she was grateful for what she managed to achieve in 2019.

“2019 has been an incredible year, I got to get to a very stable place mentally which is one of the most important things for me.

“I managed to remove anything that jeopardised my mental health and for that I’m grateful,” she said.


The multi award-winning rapper said she still has a long way to go and she is also yet to accomplish a lot this year.

Kikky also reckons her promoters and fans played a major role last year.

“I’m yet to achieve a lot in 2020, the greatest achievement so far is being right here this moment.

“I’m grateful for the love, and the genuine support I got from fans and promoters because I’ve seen myself grow and wanting to do more and better.

“Your love for something grows whenever it’s watered,” said Kikky.

Kikky who recently got married said she will not lose sleep over other people’s thoughts who dictate the pace of how she has to do things in her life

“‘The bad girl tag’ is their perception of me, can’t correct what does not exist,” she said.

The female rapper said nothing has changed ever since she got married except for the title.

“Nothing has changed, except the title, I’m still the same person who is loved in different ways that’s all,” she said.