Ti Gonzi drops first 2020 project

TI Gonzi

Taonga Nyemba, Entertainment Reporter

Ti Gonzi who had several near death encounters last year dropped his first project Devil is liar.

The rapper was speaking of all his near death experiences and how God saved him.

The Kufamba Murima singer is undoubtedly one of the Zim Hip Hop artistes who did well last year as he managed to bag a number of awards.

Ti Gonzi said his first project Devil is a Liar is more of a prayer to him.


“Devil is a liar is a song I came up with after I had a near death encounter not once but more than twice.

“I had a lot of misfortunes last year, I lost a lot but God stood by me I did not pass away.

“In the song I was thanking God for keeping me alive from all evils of the world,”he said.

Ti Gonzi said he will be dropping visuals for the single anytime soon.

“The video is coming out soon and Sanii Makhalima featured on it.

“I have more projects coming up and there is Hip Hop yeku Ghetto volume two still in the make,” said Ti Gonzi.