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. . . Deregistration for schools charging in forex

Desmond Munemo and Motrish Gundumura

Government has warned private schools charging in forex or indirectly that they risk being deregistered and gave a directive to public schools not to raise tuition fees. 

Speaking at a media briefing yesterday, Acting Minister of primary and secondary education Professor Amon Murirwa said government will act upon private schools which have been exorbitantly charging in forex.

“Government has learnt that some private schools are charging directly or indirectly in forex.


“Responsible authorities of such schools are warned that they risk deregistration of such schools.

“The Ministry of Primary and Secondary education would like to confirm that there will be no tuition fee increases in public schools.

“Provincial Education Directors, District Schools Inspectors and Heads of public schools should stand guided by the circular to the same effect which has been dispatched to them.

“Anyone found transgressing this directive will face disciplinary action,” said Prof Murirwa.

Furthermore, Prof Murirwa said levy fees should be determined by the school and the parents as stakeholders.

“Boarding fees, food fees are subject to market forces therefore it will be charged reasonably with guidelines on how to proceed but there will be no tuition fee increase in our public schools,” he said.

Below are some of the reactions from Min Prof Murirwa during his interface with the media:

On Levies . . .

“The process has to be reasonable and people have to agree and make proper recommendations.

“Again, the ministry will descend upon those institutions acting against this directive.


On incapacitation of schools if the tuition fees are not raised . . .

“The ministry of primary and secondary education has a budget of $8 billion.

“We have to know government schools are funded from taxpayers and treasury allocations.

“If there is a gap, there is a way government will fill in through treasury allocations.”

On free education . . .

“Subject to availability of resources, government will according to the constitution provide free education to vulnerable institutions.

“Government has already started to move in that gradual provision of free or state funded education and this year the ministry has been allocated $200 million toward a pilot where we will start with the most vulnerable to give grant in aid of tuition.”