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Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

A BRIDE and her family were humiliated at a wedding venue when the groom failed to turn up.

Guests had no option than to feast on the food and drinks at the wedding after the husband to be failed to turn up for the Holy matrimony on Unity Day.

Charity Jonga learnt of her partner’s failure to turn up for the vows after taking her position before the marriage officer and guests at Florence Chisholm Gardens in Avondale.


Jonga, a teacher by profession, was forced by her bride maids to delete, in protest, contacts of her husband only identified as Justin.

“I was really disappointed and had to sleep over at one of my bride maids’ home that day,” said Jonga.

“Who told you about this? It’s my privacy and I do not think my mother would be happy if this story is published.

“My bride maids deleted my husband’s contact numbers but I will check for it when I get home so that you will get the truth from him,” said Jonga.

CHARITY Jonga and her mother Viola Masiyiwa

H-Metro visited Jonga’s parents at their New Marlborough home where her mother Viola Masiyiwa was still to come to terms with the incident she described as unbearable considering that the groom paid the bride prize.

“Zvakaoma mwanangu,” said Masiyiwa soon after the writer introduced himself.

“Charity was really disturbed that she needs counselling. She slept at her best friend’s house on the day and her aunt got time with her too.

“Today my young sister took her to Lake Chivero for refreshing.


“The groom’s family is still to communicate with us over the issue and I am sure we will have a dialogue soon.

“He paid lobola and everything looked good before the day.

“Preparations have been going well and I do not know why they failed to show up last minute,” said Masiyiwa while her husband looked on.

Charity with her bridesmaids and marriage officer

Justin, based in Marondera, could not be reached for comment from 22nd December 2019 until the time of going to press to give his side of the story.

The marriage officer who was supposed to solemnize the marriage was reported to have send a message a day before forcing the families to engage another one who spent the day waiting for the groom to show up.

“I was called last hour to solemnize the marriage after the one expected to do the work indicated his inability to be on time,” said the marriage officer (name supplied).

“It was so sad and I am still to know the reason why the groom failed to show up,” he said.

However, impeccable sources told H-Metro that the groom was forced by his in-laws into preparing the wedding soon after paying lobola.


“Ambuya vakambunyikidza mukuwasha kuti achate iye asati agadzirira saka akavadzidzisa chidzidzo chikuru kuti roora ipfuma yavakagamuchira nekuzivana kwavakaita kwete muchato wezuva rimwe chete,” said the source.