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MET Department predicts rains

Lisa Mandewo, H-Metro Reporter

The Metrological Services Department has predicted thunderous rains in most parts of the country starting from January 8 to January 14.

In a weather update report, the met department said that mostly cloudy and warm conditions are expected between 8 and 14 January across the country with scattered afternoon and evening thunderstorms and heavy downpours are probable in most places.

“Warm and cloudy conditions with afternoon and evening thunderstorms are expected to the north of the main watershed (namely Matabeleland North, northern areas of the Midlands, Harare and Bulawayo Metropolitan as well as Mashonaland), the rest of the country is expected to be mostly sunny and hot with an odd shower remaining probable,”

“The hot and humid weather is conducive to thunder showers that are violent at times, accompanied by lightning and strong winds,” read the report.


The Met Officer who spoke to H-Metro stated that rainfall distribution will not be very uniform with some areas not receiving any meaningful rains.

“The rainfall will be approximately less than 50mm per day throughout this period, the rainfall is not much in most areas, however localized heavy rainfall may be experienced in places recording between 20-30 mm of rainfall in 24 hours,” he said.

Due to high temperatures, Met Department says that exhaustion and dehydration levels might be very high and the public is being advised to keep hydrated.

People in malaria prone areas are also urged to take necessary precautions.