Takawira (Photovet) Dapi

SEH Calaz gave Mbare fans a rare treat on New Year’s Day when he successfully launched his new album titled Bholato Bholato at an open area near Magaba Flats.

It was a free show where fans got a chance to meet and watch their star in action.

The album carries 15 tracks, of which 12 are official and three being bonus songs.

Among the bonus tracks are Reurura featuring Mambo Dhutere, Pamuchato featuring Hosiah Chipanga and Makorokoto featuring Freeman.

Boss Yala, as the chanter is fondly known, was humbled by the support he got.

He also opened up about songs that were inspired by his life.

“Mhamha is my  emotional track that I often sing, it is my number one song.

“I miss my mother, whenever I get money, I firstly think of buying her something but she is now afar.

“Whenever I move around here in Mbare, it reminds me of the times we used to move around these places with my mother,” he said.

Asked why he launched it on New Year’s Day, he said:

“It is the best to me because we launched it today (New Year’s Day) after making sure all the work has been done without rushing.

“I launched it in Mbare Magaba Flats where I grew up with my late parents in a single room with a family of five.

“After my mother’s death, there were tenants who came here and I still have fond memories of this place.”

He also spoke about how he has evolved.

“I used to pass through this place being called Tawanda Mumanyi, later I was called Smash until I settled for Seh Calaz and now Boss Yala.

“I used to dress like a flower, hence Calaz and then Boss Yala,” he said.

The launch was graced by former Cabinet Minister Supa Mandiwanzira who hailed Seh Calaz for his contribution in Zim dancehall.

“I love what Zimdancehall genre has done to the youths, elders and the world of music. It has proved that anything that our children do passionately must be supported in cash and kind, with all our hearts because, passion is spiritual and spirituality is Godliness, because only God creates the spirit, the soul and the flesh of any human being, this simply means God is sending messages to us through our children.

“Lastly , I am gradually getting happier because the Zimdancehall youths are tremendously dumping vulgar lyrics, a development that I personally look forward to its ending like yesterday. Now from the songs that Seh Calaz sampled, and the way his new songs are being sang along to by the crowd, worse singing along to a launching album, I say  ‘Bholato Bholato bhoo,” said Mandiwanzira.

Besides Mandiwanzira, he also thanked many people who have been supportive to him.

These comprise Boss Werras, Boss Rocca Fella, Bodyslam among others.

On costs he incurred to stage this state of the art open air album launch, he said, “I think almost US$3000, imagine stage, lights, police, barricades etc.