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. . . Warren Park residents fight land baron

Desmond Munemo, H-Metro Reporter

Warren Park 1 residents are furious over an alleged illegal sale of infill stands to an alleged land baron by the City fathers.

This comes barely six months after residents of Warren Park 1 staged a similar protest against City Council over illegal sale of infill stands that saw water pipes and Zesa cables damaged.

Residents over the weekend blasted City Council and threatened to destroy a wall being erected by the land baron Christopher Gaza who was given the piece of land at an infill area.


Gaza told residents that he is untouchable and showed to H-Metro City of Harare 2017 receipts and papers with the signature of Director of Housing and Community Services Addmore Nhekairo purporting to have paid for the stands.

Addmore Nhekairo

“Hamuna mari plus hamuna kudzidza, tisu vanhu vacho ana Gazaland and hakuna zvandinoitwa nekuti ndepangu.

“I have all the necessary paper work. I am going to do whatever I want with that stand and you won’t see me staying there because I have money.

“Handisi bharanzi mukazogara.

“Hamusi kutiziva kuti tisu anani, we’re untouchable,” he said.

Director of Housing and Community Services Addmore Nhekairo told H-Metro that there were infill stands which were left to pave way for the free flow of the sewer system.

“These areas have been set aside to allow the sewer works and system to function properly.

“It will not be fair to the surrounding residents who would have to take the longest route when they want to go to the nearby shopping area.


“I will look at the details of this guy and consult my department to see who would have allocated him that stand,” said Nhekairo.

One of the residents identified as Mai Jenny said they have had a hard time dealing with sewage flowing from an outlet at the disputed infill stand.

“Tinoshama kuona munhu achiuya nenzira yekuti tyisa.

“Anoda kuvaka pamusoro pe pipe dzemvura uye sewer ndopainobva napo.

“Auya ne vakomana achitoisa ma pillar kuti avhare road yatave nemakore tichishandisa,” she said.

Another resident Sekuru Mfemo added:

“Kanzuru yanyanya huori muno mu Warren Park nenyaya dzekupanana mastands pachavo.

“Zvino pano hapavakwe. Tinoendesa nyaya yacho kumusoro kwacho.”

Addressing the residents, Tichaona Mhetu the Councillor for Ward 15 distanced himself from the infill stand row saying he is not aware of the development.

“Your councillor is not aware of any allocation that took place near 9th Avenue.


“The councillor was not consulted in the form of a circulation which a councillor is required to sign prior to planning of stands.

“The councillor is not involved in the process of allocation of stands and the Director of Housing is responsible for allocation of stands,” he said.

Councillor Mhetu also took time to dispel allegations that he shifts blame on the previous now deceased Councillor Tranos Moyo.

“The accusations about the councillor blaming the late Cllr Tranos Moyo for the chaos ensuing in the ward is mischievous and misguided.

Tichaona Mhetu

“Let me assure dear residents that I shall remain accountable to the electorate and discharge my duties with diligence.

“On the Warren Park D infill stands construction started in 2013 soon after my predecessor assumed office and by the time I assumed office the whole infill was already built up.

“My predecessor had initiated the regularisation process on that piece of land and it was almost complete when I assumed office,” added the Councillor.

Works director Engineer Isiah Zvenyika Chawatama yesterday addressed residents and halted the development pending investigations.

The residents signed a petition to the City of Harare authorities urging them to stop the alleged underhand dealings in infill stands allocation.