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NINE Mashurugwi arrested


Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

SIX machete wielding gang members have been arrested after exchanging gun fire with police in Kadoma.

The latest arrest brings the total arrests to nine following that of Munyaradzi Chari, 43, Lyton Panashe Tshuma, 18, and Obvious Mawire, 21. The arrested surrendered weapons they used to commit public violence and murder.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the arrests thanking members of the public who are continuing to give valuable information on the activities and movements of machete wielding gangs.


“The Zimbabwe Republic Police has arrested Tonderai Musasa, 18, Richwell Tshuma, 26, Bornlight Mukute, 20, Paul Demo, 27, Taurai Munetsi, 31, and a minor aged 14 in connection with the murder of Constable Hokoyo by machete wielding gangs in Battlefields, Kadoma recently,” said Ass Comm Nyathi.

“Demo and Munetsi were arrested while hiding at House 2637 Ascot Extension and 3526 Ascot Extension in Gweru during police raid.

“The duo initially resisted arrest resulting in an exchange of fire, Demo sustained injuries on the left knee and right ankle while Munetsi got injuries on the left knee.

“They are currently admitted at Kadoma General Hospital under police guard,” he said.

Meanwhile the Zimbabwe Republic Police condemns acts of public violence and attacks on police officers who will be performing their constitutional duties.

This follows an incident in Mphoengs last week where a machete wielding gang teamed up with some unruly elements to free robbery, unlawful entry and theft suspect, Nkosana Moyo from police custody during indications.

During the scuffle, Ass Comm Nyathi said police fired some shots resulting in one suspect being shot and dying at a local hospital.

The released suspect, Nkosana only handed himself to the police while still in police handcuffs.

Police reiterates that acts of violence and attacks on law enforcement agents will be dealt with in terms of the country’s laws and police will continue to monitor all mining sites in the country and ensure that law and order is maintained.



A man’s attempt to run away from a police officer leading him at Harare magistrates’ court was foiled after members of the public helped in apprehending the suspect last week.

Although the suspect could not be immediately identified, members of the public condemned the police officer for leading a violent suspect unhandcuffed.

“This is not the first time suspects have run away from police officers who would be leading them to this court and our question is whether they have a shortage of hand cuffs or not,” one was heard saying as police dragged the suspect to the court holding cells.

“That suspect showed his violent act when he entered the building shouting at the police officer who was leading him apa vanotungamira mberi musungwa ari mumashure, havangaregi kutizwa nekuti mhosva haimborerwe maoko sesadza,” said one of the people among those who helped in apprehending the suspect.


Police’s Criminal Investigation Department has put in place an initiative whereby firearm holders are profiled by the department’s ballistics section before acquiring a firearm licence or renewing the already existing licence.

Assistant Commissioner Nyathi said the process started beginning of this month urging firearms holders to take advantage of this initiative and have their firearm profiled and properly accounted for in terms of the law.

“The new development by the Criminal Investigation Department is aimed at profiling and accounting for all firearms in the country,” said Ass Comm Nyathi.

“Firearm holders are required to bring their firearms together with three live rounds for the process to the Ballistics Section at CID Headquarters along Chinamano Avenue in Harare.

“The process is being conducted free of charge,” said Ass Comm Nyathi.



HUNDRED and eleven lives were lost and 503 people were injured in 1406 road traffic accidents recorded from December 15, 2019 to 2 January 2020.

Assistant Commissioner Nyathi said speeding, reversing errors, following too close and inattention were recorded as the major cause of accidents.

He noted a reduction of total number of road traffic accidents, fatal accidents, people killed and injured as compared to the same period of 2018 to 2019 urging motorists to be patient as they drive on the roads and prioritize road safety at all times.

“Police operations accounted for 157 wanted persons, 2157 touts were arrested and 2516 vehicles were impounded for defects and being unroadworth while 11 257 motorists were arrested for various traffic offences,” said Ass Comm Nyathi.

“Police officers will remain deployed to curb crime and road accidents throughout the country until schools are opened.

“The public should cooperate with police officers on deployment to ensure that a peaceful atmosphere is maintained throughout the holiday,” he said.