Freddy salutes Baba Charamba

Pastor Charles Charamba

H-Metro Reporter

PROPHET Tapiwa Freddy has saluted Rooted in Christ Ministries founder, Pastor Charles Charamba for influencing his music career.

Prophet Freddy was among the audience during Wednesday’s “Worship Experience” gospel concert at the HICC where Pastor Charamba performed.

And it was during Pastor Charamba’s performance that the gospel great patted Prophet Freddy, who was dancing on the edge of the stage.

Afterwards, Prophet Freddy took to social media to express his gratitude.


He then narrated why he respects Baba Charamba, calling him his mentor.

“A Golden handshake” From Pastor Charles Charamba my Mentor during his Performance at HICC on the 1st of January 2020.

“My dream is to share the stage with him in the near Future a Collabo would be much better. When I was still doing Form 2 in 1998 would admire him from a distance and when I completed my “O” level I got a part time Job  to raise money for My “A “Level studies. With my first salary I bought myself a pair of trousers and a shirt and some groceries for my mom in the rural areas.

“From the remainder (change), I attended Pastor Charles Charamba’s show at Harare Gardens. It was Good I tell you, though I had to borrow money for my week’s bus fare because I had sacrificed the little I had  to watch  the man I admired so much performing live and with no regrets.

“He is the reason I ventured into music industry because the Machira chete hit maker sowed a positive seed in my spirit. Day and day, I try hard not to sound like him because his music is in my Veins.

“I do not want to be a copycat but I want his music to inspire me. However, we must agree that an apple does not fall very far from the tree.

“In 2019 I dominated Radio and TV charts and I give credit to God and Pastor Charles Charamba not forgetting my supporting wife Milanda, Naxo, Ngolomi the producer, fans and the church at Large.

“Thank you Man of God, Pastor Charamba your Music Speak to my soul. I Love your music with Passion. From the bottom of my heart that hand shake means a lot to me and I Partake the anointing of composing music that nourishes the inner man. Long Live Pastor Charamba.”