‘Comedy creating employment’

Michael Naiza Boom Machiona

Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

POPULAR video and film director Michael ‘Naiza Boom’ Machiona says comedy has opened many avenues for upcoming and established artistes in Zimbabwe.

The video director of the popular Naibo Films believes comedy is creating employment for many artistes whilst the audience has also embraced it.

“As a video director I have done many comedies with my group called NB films featuring characters like Jatiwero.

“The group has accommodated many comedians which is a sign that comedy has future for employment creation.


“We have also worked with many actors and musicians in our productions,” he said.

Naiza Boom started doing musical videos for upcoming musicians around 2013 before he came up with NB Films production to cater for all musicians and actors.

“Things started with Class Yemadofo which features National FM radio presenter, DJ Shugeta, female dancehall artistes including Faceless and Angel Pee.

“After Class Yemadofo project, the team linked up with Enzo Ishall for another skit Maputi e$25 which went viral,” said Naiza Boom.

Being a content creator, Naiza Boom is also a musician who did many musical projects with some of them being aired on local radio stations and ZBC tv.

“I am set to release a latest video for my single titled ‘Handisisina Moyo’ which was produced by Frank Gamba professionally known as Novax.

“It is expected to be released early this month and I am working on another video for my song ‘Mama Africa’ featuring Pauline,” added Naiza Boom.

Naiza Boom last year dropped a local comedy Bonde which featured Kapfupi and Shugeta.

“I have worked with Amos Mahendere, Boss Sakina, Carlos Green.

“And apart from being a content creator, I have also worked with Oscar Pambuka, Empress Massina, Faceless, Chido Machanzi , Maskiri among others.


“We looking forward to have full-time promoters, funds and equipment to do big productions.”