Mbira dzeNharira new offering ready

CELEBRATED mbira music ensemble Mbira dzeNharira is set to release a new album titled Chivimba naMuyeni early this year.


The outfit’s frontman, Tendayi Gahamadze, told NewsDay Life & Style that they were polishing up the new offering — the 14th in their discography — before it hits the market.

“We are working on our 14th album titled Chivimba naMuyeni, which will be released early this year,” Gahamadze said.

The album has seven tracks, although the titles for the songs are yet to be finalised.


The group had its end of year mbira extravaganza on December 27, which featured Mawungira eNharira, their splinter group.

“We ended 2019 in style with a mbira extravaganza on December 27 at Westgate shopping mall, where we also featured Mawungira eNharira, and we are now geared for 2020,” he said.

Despite the split with their colleagues who went on to form the Wilfred Mafrika-led Maungira eNharira, there is no bad blood between the two groups as they sometimes hold live shows together.

Their music continues to address social issues such as love, social justice and the need for people to value their traditions in the face of cultural aggression.

Gahamadze said the group will tour the United Kingdom later this year.