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Masiyiwa To Build House For Gogo, Provide Her With Lifetime $1 000 Monthly Allowance

ZIMBABWE’S billionaire and Econet founder Strive Masiyiwa has promised a house and a $1,000 lifetime allowance to the elderly woman who walked to Presbyterian Church in Highlands, Harare, carrying her donations to Cyclone Idai victims.

The house will be built anywhere she wants in Zimbabwe will be solar powered and with flowing, clean water, said Masiyiwa, adding that he admires people who ACT in times of a crisis.

Masiyiwa made the revelations on his official Facebook page when he said: “Gogo came to GIVE! This is the biblical “widow’s mite.
She gave more than us all! What she did is one of the most remarkable acts of compassion I have ever seen! When this is over, I’m going to find her, and invite her to come and see me, if possible:

“Then: I will spend time in prayer with her! Then I will BUILD HER A HOUSE, ANYWHERE SHE WANTS IN ZIMBABWE! It will have solar power and running water! Then: I WILL GIVE HER A MONTHLY ALLOWANCE OF $1000 for life!

“Why? I admire people who are moved to ACT in a crisis! God bless you, if you are moved to ACT as she did. It is not about how much you have.


“How many young men, and even women in their cars watched her carry that sack, and never asked to help? This is how you miss the Angel of God…”

Masiyiwa made the stunning revelations in his Facebook page article titled: Reflection: A disastrous cyclone hit Madagascar, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

He said: “May I take a moment to express my deep condolences to all affected by this tragedy. Our Econet and Higher Life teams are doing what we can to help support relief efforts, but a huge rebuilding effort will be required in all the countries affected.

“Cyclone Idai caused not just loss of life, but also loss of livelihoods. March is harvest season and whole crops were wiped out with countless livestock drowned. Floods and winds destroyed businesses, schools, clinics, churches, roads and communications infrastructure. It is a shocking disaster with whole parts of towns in Mozambique under water! National GDP growth will obviously be affected in these countries.

“When I heard of the arriving storm I immediately cancelled my trip and reached out to the type of people I know who have deep empathy. “What can I do to help?” soon became “What can WE do to help?”

Strive Masiyiwa has also been paying for the fuel of all the helicopters that rescued marooned villagers in the eastern highlands during the flood, including Air Force of Zimbabwe helicopters.

He said: “Find common cause with people who want to ACT, even if you have differences with them. If a fire is burning at your house will you chase away someone who turns up with a water bowser because you have an existing fight with them?

After receiving a report of people stuck in trees and on rooftops waiting to be rescued, someone on my team asked: “Does anyone know someone who knows how to rescue people from raging rivers?” Then someone had an idea. “Let’s ask the guys who do white water rafting in Victoria Falls…”

“So we called them. Next they all packed their boats into a big truck and drove to use their skills plucking people from trees and rooftops. The company which organized the operation is called Shearwater Zimbabwe and they even added a helicopter to help with the rescue.”

Econet has also provided millions of dollars in funds as well as critical goods and foodstuffs, medicines and equipment for use by the cyclone victims.— ZOOMZimbabwe