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More ‘Sugar’ For ‘Ndinyengeiwo’ Girl As Rapper Composes Song For Her

Overnight celebrity, Lorraine Guyo, has hogged the spotlight again after an urban contemporary musician released a song inspired by the Ndinyengeiwo fame.

From a brand ambassador to being a muse, it seems the sky is the limit for overnight sensation Lorraine Guyo, who has become the subject of a song titled Urimwenje by musician KUE G, real name Curtis Othello Mandizvidza.

The musician expressed that his song was themed on the subject of love and being ambitious, tackling the fear of proposing to women. In the song, he makes subtle compliments to the socialite for being brave and witty after her skit begging for love went viral.

In an interview with the H-metro, the musician expressed that,

” Its a song, which was inspired by Lorraine Guyo whom I felt was not alone in her predicament. Of course it was a skit but in reality, there are some people who can identify with that character in the skit. Of course, I did not mention her name per se, but the storyline was inspired by the skit,” said the rapper


Guyo became an overnight celebrity after releasing a video clip in which she appealed to men to ask her out for Valentine’s day in the ndinyengeiwo challenge that stormed the internet, in which girls pleaded to the public for potential suitors to ask them out as Valentine’s Day drew near.

The 27-year-old also told the paper that Lorraine Guyo experiences where not an anomaly for most women, who were not often approached by men, for various reasons, some of them being intimidation.

” In my single, I assumed the character of the male partner which Lorraine Guyo was yearning for and I was trying to teach fellow men how to propose love to our beloved ones, especially well to do people,” said Mandizvidza.

However, Lorraine has taken advantage of overnight celebrity status to get endorsement deals, with a number of local companies jostling to enlist her services as a brand ambassador

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