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I Want A Break, He Is Forcing Me To Have Se_x: Wife Reports Insatiable Husband To Magistrate

Image Credit: H-Metro

A woman from Mbare has approached the courts seeking to be protected from her husband whom she claims is forcing her to have se_xual intercourse with her despite the fact that she is now pregnant.

Image Credit: H-Metro

According to H-Metro, Tsitsi Kaduwa told the Harare Civil Court that her husband was relentless in se_xually abusing her despite the fact that she does not feel up to it due to back pains and morning illness.

In pleading her case, Tsitsi told the court,

I live in fear that every day my husband will force me into having sex with him which is painful.

He is very aggressive and whenever I tell him that I am not feeling well, he insists that he wants sex and I end up forcing myself into se_x which increases the pain.


Whenever he forces me to have sex with him, I end up crying even my neighbours can testify. I do not want him to force me and I want a break so that I have peace of mind.

However, her husband Hamandishe Kaduwa was unapologetic saying that he could not live without se_x as he did not want to cheat on his wife.

I am a human being with feelings so how can I spend nine months without sex. I only forced her once not every day. We have a marriage certificate, I can’t cheat on her and she should be able to satisfy me any time.

Harare Magistrate Noah Gwatidzo who was presiding over the case ruled in favour of Tsitsi and ordered Hamandishe to stop forcing his wife into having se_xual intercourse.