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Kuramba Kurambwa, Jilted Man Leaks N_des & Videos Of Model Ex- In Revenge P0_rn See pictures

A Harare Man allegedly leaked his ex-girlfriends n_ude photographs out of spite, after she had broken up with him.

Revenge p_orn by angry lovers has become a common feature on socia medial. In an interview by the H-Metro, Thabo Ndlovu (27) admitted to circulating the n_ude photographs & videos on social media, commenting that his actions where justified following his betrayal by his girlfriend of 2-years, Whitney Masike.

”It is true that I am the one who is circulating her nu_de pictures and videos because I want the pain she is feeling to compansate for what she has also done for me. I will not stop what I am doing even if I get arrested. I will tell the cops that it is me who is circulating the pictures,” confessed Ndlovu.

Ndlovu lamented that he had invested financially in his girlfriends modelling career.


” I have been financially assisting her in her modelling career and I also bought a car for her thinking I was doing it for my future wife not knowing that I was actually going to be betrayed later. He also added that apart from material things. I have also invested my emotions as well as my time since we had dated for 2 years.”

After being left with egg on her face, Masike commented that breaking up with Ndlovu was justified given that she had to endure his abusive ways throughout their relationship.

” I have been abused in the years that I have been dating this man. Apart from the pictures he is now circulating he has assaulted me several times and I have scars that he put on me.”