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Socialite Stabbed To Death At Jah Prayzah Show

A Beitbridge socialite was allegedly stabbed at top musician Jah Prayzah’s gig in the border town at the weekend following scenes of violence as fans protested against the late start of the show.

The fans were unhappy about the delayed start of the show.

Although no official police comment could be obtained, police sources and Jah Prayzah’s manager Keen Mushapaidze confirmed the death of Tinashe Hove, a well-known socialite and cross-border dealer in Beitbridge, who was reportedly stabbed within the proximity of the venue.

A police officer in the town said Hove’s body was taken to the government-run Beitbridge Hospital after he was stabbed twice in the chest and had his details entered in police records as “Sudden Death”.

Mushapaidze said the band regretted the death and the violent aftermath.


“We had been warned before the show that some people had threatened to attack us although we do not know why. The owners of the venue warned us, but seeing the crowd, Jah Prayzah said his followers came first and he would play,” Mushapaidze said.

“He played for longer than normal and when he bade the crowd farewell, trouble started. Band members sought refuge in a room at the venue, but some were hit by the missiles. We regret the violence.”

Riot police were called to quell the violence after fans complained of being short-changed when Jah Prayzah reportedly played for only two hours.

“We paid R50 for the show and we expected it to last longer but it was too short. We felt it was not fair because he came on stage late,” one reveller said.

Mashapaidze said Jah Prayzah went off stage at 3:30 am which, by their standards, was extended.