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Robert Mugabe In Social Media War With Chamisa

Mugabe’s son in Insta war with Chamisa 

Kuda Chamisa

Former president Robert Mugabe’s son Robert Jnr recently got into a Instagram war with comedian Kuda Chamisa after the latter expressed his ‘hate’ for the ex president.

Robert had wished his father a happy birthday on his social media account when Chamisa chipped in

I pray to God to give your father more life kuti ndiwane more time to f*** him up.. If he dies before i meet him Imma p** on his grave. I have nothing against you young bro but mudhara wako aiva d*** last

The young Mugabe refused to take it lying down and challenged him to come through to his father’s birthday party and carry out his threats.


“Come to his party let’s see what you do bro. You got an Invite. DM me. I wanna see you pull up and if you dont do sh**, know that the whole gang is gonna be waiting to kick your lil sh** out and WE will make you an example. Walk the walk fam come to the crib and make your move bro you know where we stay” he wrote.