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Stonyeni Hitmaker Jah Signal Contracts STI After Sleeping With 15 Women In 6 Months

High riding Zim Dancehall musician Jah Signal is a serial womaniser who was slept with at least 15 women in the last 6 months, according to his ex-wife Presh Dlowayo. Dlowayo who has a child with the musician although she was not formally married alleged that she stopped sleeping with the “Stonyeni” hit-maker because she was worried about her health after the musician contracted a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

Speaking to local publication H-Metro, Presh said,

I discovered that he was involved in sexual relationships with 14 other women which meant I was the 15th person whom he was sleeping with. He was sexually involved with these women in a space of six months and I got to know about it from text messages and he confessed to me when he once contracted an STI.

…During that period I stayed with him, our biggest challenge was how he used to cheat on me with different women. I tried to hold on because I loved him and also because I wanted to have my own family until I found out that his promiscuous behaviour was more serious than I thought.

A seemingly bitter Dlowayo also said that she used to take care of Jah Signal financially and stayed with him at the musician’s family house until he hit the limelight and started chasing after other women. She also alleged that the musician was now refusing to support his own child.


When I met Jah Signal he was not as popular as he is today. Of course, I don’t have a lot of money, but during those days I was more financially stable than him. “We were practically married so I spent money on him since we’re staying with his parents. I was also taking care of him; he was a nobody and the whole world knows that I took care of him…What hurts me now is that he does not assist me in looking after our son. He does not contribute anything.

Jah Signal confirmed that Presh was his ex-wife although he refused to comment on the allegations.

Her actual name is Perpe and she is my former wife. You know how it is my brother someone can dump you without any justification, but at the same time trying to clear her name,

Jah Signal’s manager Hillary Mutake is breathing fire and promised to have Presh arrested for allegedly burning the musician’s clothes and for acts of violence which she allegedly perpetrated against the musician.