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Meet the Zimbabwean who is ‘dating’ Michelle Obama

A talented Zimbabwean who knows how to weave his magic on Photoshop is making waves across the globe with his real like images featuring himself and various celebrities including Michelle Obama, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian.

David Zinyama (24) who is based in Manchester, England has a growing army of 29 000 followers on picture sharing site Instagram. Almost daily they are treated to his imaginative photo-shopped pictures with celebrities.

In some of the pictures Zinyama replaces Kanye West and is seen kissing the wife Kim Kardashian. In several pictures he replaces US president Barack Obama and manipulates the images to show him (Zinyama) cuddling or kissing the First Lady.

Other artists to get the Zinyama treatment include Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, and Rihanna. But Zinyama clearly has a bit of an obsession with Michelle Obama. He has quite a collection of photo-shopped pictures with the US First Lady.

So whats the big deal you ask?


A growing number of celebrities are taking notice of his work and sharing the pictures on their Instagram and twitter accounts including Rihanna who is now following Zinyama on Instagram.

Showbiz magazines across the globe are also queuing up to get interviews with the Zimbabwean.

Speaking to Nehanda Radio, Zinyama said:

“I’m actually self motivated, I have always wanted to prove and to excel in everything that I do and obviously as a graphic designer and photographer I wanted to unleash the talent and skill within me and that was by researching the type of creative field that I am in and making the seat right at the front mine.”

Asked what has been the reaction from celebrities, Zinyama told us:

“I’m happy that they find and see the humour in this, but all is understandable once one gets to see the rest of my work. I’m happy with the response and to know they do not take it seriously.”

“Just to make things clear and I only state this to those that take time to read in to my work or my interview but I have from time to time made it clear that I have no obsession with any of these celebrities.

“Its strictly humour and entertainment within the field of work that I do but I guess that is what manipulation is about right? making people think or see what is not real. Art of deception,” Zinyama added.