Andy Brown daughter misses late sister

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Loss is something Chengeto Brown has perhaps become all too familiar with. Although the pain of losing her loved ones has not been easy to bear, she says she has since found solace in spending time with people who love her and have proved to be honest.


The affectionate singer and surviving daughter to the late iconic musicians Andy Brown and Chiwoniso Maraire — recently moved to France where she is now staying with her aunt Queen Mashie.


Queen Mashie is sister to the late Andy Brown.

Prior to that, Chengeto had been living with another aunt, Tawona Maraire in Texas, United States, together with her late sister, Chiedza, who committed suicide last year under unclear circumstances.

In an interview with The Standard Style from her new base in France, Chengeto said although the move was temporary, she was finding comfort in family support.

“I have another angel to carry me through whatever I have to go through,” Brown said.

“Well, I love to travel, so I figured it would be a great idea to come here and spend time with family. Everything that I have to do is about love. I have a lot of love around me, and a lot of love that I give.”

Her family could never be left out when talking about people who have set a path of musical success that has spread among siblings.

And pretty soon, Chengeto will be releasing an intimate memoir and musical project that deals with loss, pain, love and rediscovery, among other issues.

Even so, it can be heart-breaking for the singer to dive back into her past. Her music has always been a source of inspiration despite life’s pressing troubles.

“One never fully recovers from such tragic loss, but I have been coping. Mostly my music has been keeping me busy. I’m currently working on a project meant to be released later this year.

I have a few titles I’m still choosing from but I know it will come to me. One can never stop learning, and by being here with my aunt, I’m gaining so much knowledge from her, which is a blessing in itself,” said Chengeto.

Chengeto also spoke glowingly of how much she has accrued from her aunt, Queen Mashie, whom she credits for having contributed a lot toward her personal development mentally, socially and musically.

“I am trying to be as honest as possible,” Brown revealed, adding when asked about the relationship between her and Mashie, “She definitely plays a big part in my life right now. I would describe our relationship as an honest one.”

Chengeto added she is fully committed to keeping the legacy left by her parents and sister alive, hence she is very excited about starting this journey.

“It is simple really ,because I have no choice but to keep this legacy alive and I am really excited about this journey I’m about to start,” she added.

For the moment, Chengeto will be staying in France up until April before she moves back to Texas where she wants to further her musical career.

Last year she also released a track Let It Go, which seemed highly reflective of what she has gone through in different stages in her life.

If this single is anything to go by, then Chengeto is absolutely divine, and has a voice that is a true gift from Heaven.

“Let it Go was something I wrote last year, the producer was actually Simba Tags who is based in Zimbabwe. It is a song that speaks on unrequited love. Wanting someone but unable to have them no-matter how much you plead to love this person,” she said.

“It was a fun song to record and is quite symbolic of the experiences I have gone through in life.”-standard