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JUST IN: Mhangura naked thief busted inside locked store room

Christopher Chikwari

Conrad Mupesa Mashonaland West Bureau
A MHANGURA man was recently caught naked attempting to steal from Mhangura legislator, Cde Precious Chinhamo-Masango’s family farm in upper Doma.

The man, Christopher Chikwari who was caught stark nude inside the farm storeroom. It is not clear how he gained entry into the storeroom
The man ran out of luck when the workers heard noise coming from the storeroom. The workers found Chikwari inside the locked room which has no other point of entry.

During intoregattion, Chikwari told Cde Masango’s husband that he was stealing because of hunger. He is a worker at a nearby farm and claimed he was not being paid by his employer. The Masango family has been Chikwari’s benefactor, giving him bag of maize monthly.

He was taken to Mhangura Police Station and is expected to appear in court soon.