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State security organs fingered in Itai Dzamara Case

Abducted political activist Itai Dzamara
Abducted political activist Itai Dzamara

by Staff Reporter

Harare-The Herald’s efforts to exonerate the State from any involvement in  missing Itai Dzamara whom it describes as a failed and discredited journalist has taken a dramatic  twist with the paper pointing to rogue elements within the State security organs as possible culprits.

Abducted political activist Itai Dzamara

Abducted political activist Itai Dzamara

The paper which has given the story widespread coverage since the prayer meeting on July 11, asked an all important question that most Zimbabweans have been pointing to.”Could these people possibly include rogue elements within the State security organs?”, the Herald is quoted saying.

What this report suggests is that the government is involved, and questions have been asked by a Lifestyle Editor at the paper.

While admitting for the first time  that there is no escaping that Itai Dzamara has become the topic of the moment and the circumstance surrounding his disappearance is no longer a game,the paper cited a $10000 offer by the police for any information leading to his disappearance.


What happened?

According to Herald’s eyewitnesses, the two barber brothers — Wellington and Tichaona Deketeke —on March 8 2015 shortly after 10am, the following events took place:

Itai Dzamara came in for a haircut at the barber shop which he had used for some time. The barbers and Dzamara knew each other from the neighbourhood. There was one other client in the shop at the time.

Two apparently affable men walked in and asked for Telecel air time.

One barber directed them to another place nearby as he did not have the product in stock.

One of the two men then indicated that they were cops and they were looking for a stock thief who happened to be one of the clients.

The barbers moved to one side to give the purported cops room to do their thing. This gave them a view to the outside.

They asked one client if he was Itai Dzamara and the man said no. They then moved to the other one who admitted that he was the right man. Deketeke says at that point the whole atmosphere changed and the two men’s demeanour became menacing.

They told Dzamara to stand up and immediately handcuffed him.

He asked what rustling case they meant and the men said he would hear full details at the police station.


Meanwhile, the barber says a double cab vehicle with only the driver on board had made a three point turn to stop right in front of the shack.

Dzamara was hustled out towards the car.

He told the men that he had forgotten his mobile phone on the counter and they allowed him to go back for it, albeit accompanied by the man with a hold on his collar from the back.

Deketeke noted the oddity of the registration number of the truck which was folded to cover some of the digits and memorised what he could see.

Meanwhile, two men approached the truck from the back, incidentally from the direction of Dzamara’s house.

After grabbing his handset, Dzamara was bundled into the car with one of the men literally pushing him in. The other two men got into the back.

The car took off and drove away without much drama.

The only other person in sight beside the two barbers and the client was a cobbler seated a few metres away who claimed to have seen nothing.