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JUST IN: Obadiah Moyo seeks relaxation of bail conditions

Obadiah Moyo

Nyore Madzianike Senior Court Reporter

Former Health Minister Obadiah Moyo today approached the court seeking relaxation of his bail reporting conditions saying they were costly and inconvenient to him.

Moyo, through his lawyer, said there were changed circumstances since his initial appearance on July 6 this year which warrants variation of his reporting conditions.

He was ordered to report thrice a week as part of his bail conditions.

The former Cabinet Minister is facing criminal abuse of office as a public officer.


Prosecutor Mr Michael Reza opposed the application saying nothing has changed since his first appearance in court.

Mr Reza also argued that Moyo did not challenge the conditions when they were imposed by the court on the day he was granted bail.

He also told the court that the conditions imposed were the ones which are compelling Moyo to return to court and they were still serving the purpose.

Magistrate Mr Trynos Utahwashe is expected to make a ruling on Moyo’s application on October 27.