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JUST IN: Girl, woman raped

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An 11-year-old girl was raped in Bulawayo for almost a year by one of her relative’s boyfriend while another woman was last week drugged and raped by her brother’s friend in Harare.

Police have since launched investigations into these two cases as they express concern over an increase in rape cases countrywide being perpetrated mostly on juveniles.

The two suspects linked to the two cases have since been arrested. In Dzivarasekwa, Harare, the suspect who is a friend to the victim’s brother allegedly forced her to smoke mbanje and to consume an unknown substance before she became unconscious last Tuesday.

He then took advantage of the situation to rape her. The victim woke up the following day and noticed that she had been sexually abused and a report was made to the police.


Police have also warned members of the public against allowing relatives or friends to become too familiar with minors. This comes after the Bulawayo incident in which an 11-year-old minor was sexually abused for more than a year by a relative’s boyfriend.

The case, which is now under investigations came to light when the victim disclosed the matter and a report was made to the police.

The latest cases come after two teenagers were recently arrested on allegations of raping two minors aged eight and 15 in separate incidents in Chitungwiza as cases of juveniles implicated and involved in criminal activities increase in the country.

In one of the cases, the suspect aged 13 allegedly raped an eight-year-old girl while she was playing at their house in Chitungwiza. It is alleged that the teenager dragged her into his bedroom and raped her once.
On the other incident, a 16-year-old boy also raped a 15-year-old girl at their house in Zengeza.

The teenager, who stays at the same house with the victim but are not related, sneaked into her blankets and raped her once.