28 Students Arrested At Nude Party

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HARARE-Twenty-eight students from different private colleges in Harare were arrested on Friday after organising a “nude party” at a house in Westgate.

Harare Nude party students

Harare Nude party students

Pictures of some of the semi naked students, most of them reportedly studying “O” Levels, have now gone viral on WhatsApp.

A nude party is a bash where the participants are required to be stark naked and is usually associated with high school students.

Police sources confirmed yesterday that the 28 were arrested and released into the custody of their parents and guardians.

National spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi was not picking up calls yesterday and had not responded to a text message sent to his mobile phone.

Harare police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Simon Chazovachiyi said he was out of office and was not privy to details of the matter.

An official at Marlborough Police Station said that a young girl organised the party on Friday afternoon where a total of 18 boys and 10 girls attended.

“At the party the 28 students were drinking beer and they connived to remove their clothes. They were doing all sorts of things under the influence of alcohol,” said the source.

“However some alert neighbours reported the matter at Marlborough Police Station. Police were not notified of the party as required by the law. They were all arrested and charged with public indecency. The teenagers had condoms in their bags meaning that they were going to engage in sexual intercourse at their party.”

A relative of one of the girls last night said the students were arrested for organising a party without notifying the police.

“None of the students was found with either alcohol or mbanje [marijuana]as reported, but we suspect that they may have been drugged because everyone there looked tipsy despite that they had not taken any alcohol. The major concern was that they were out of bounds on a school day,” the relative said.

“The place is usually rented out for pool parties by a man called Simba.”

Local councillor Charity Bango condemned the act, adding that she had always suspected such things could be happening.

“If it is true, it’s bad. I have heard some people discussing the existence of such parties and if you have details, assist us so that I look into it. That has to be thoroughly investigated if it’s happening,” she said.

Education minister Lazarus Dokora also refused to be drawn into discussing the issue on the basis that it was a weekend.

Westgate MP Jessie Majome said she did not like to comment on such matters as it was “belittling her”. She preferred political questions, she said.

The bizarre incident has been condemned by many who expressed concern over the moral decadence in the country.

Such kind of partying is gaining popularity in Harare where teenagers organise parties where they engage in all sorts of indecent acts.

Last year, two people died after drowning at a pool party in the capital which was attended by mainly teenagers and young adults.Standard