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Zimbabwe Cops Surrender Cash, Cellphones to Toknobkerries Carrying Robbers

A gang wielding knobkerries on Saturday last week robbed two police officers of police uniforms, cell phones, groceries, $890 and R200.

The officers from Nkulumane Police Station fell victim to the robbers at Nkulumane Shopping Centre at around 7 PM.

A police officer who spoke to the Chronicle on condition of anonymity had this to say:

The two officers were deployed at Zimbabwe Republic Police Mall base at Nkulumane complex from 6.45AM to 6 PM.

Upon completion of duty, they went to board a commuter omnibus along Khami Road opposite the mall.


As they were waiting for transport two men appeared from the bush carrying knobkerries and threatened to kill them.

The officers reportedly handed over their spare uniforms and particulars, that is, cash and cell phones and ran away.