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Prof Moyo struggles to clear rape allegations

THE embattled Professor Jonathan Moyo has struggled to refute allegations that he bedded Yulith Ndlovu a former lead vocalist of the once-popular group PaxAfro which produced the hit song Let it play.Moyo was responding to allegations by ZANU PF functionaries on Twitter who said Ndlovu has taken to heavy drinking, smoking and clubbing to drown out a suitcase of abuse memories she endured on the hands of Moyo and she said she would rather let sleeping dogs lie than to open old wounds.

“Perish the crap from poor CIOs Mudha Ncube and Isaac Moyo via their Harare Post and Mnangagwa’s varakashi. Yulith NDLOVU is my daughter at home and niece at law. Her mum and my sister @JacquelineMaye8 are SIBLINGS. Her boyfriend in the #PaxAfro days was my friend @WillisWataffi. Itcho!”Moyo said.

He added that ZANU PF functionaries wanted to liken him to President Emmerson Mnangagwa who is accused of having loose morals.

Prof Jonathan Moyo



Perish the crap from poor CIOs Mudha Ncube & Isaac Moyo via their @harare_post & Mnangagwa’s varakashi. Yulith NDLOVU is my daughter at home & niece at law. Her mum & my sister @JacquelineMaye8 are SIBLINGS. Her boyfriend in the days was my friend @WillisWataffi. Itcho!

“They think we all migodoyi like their immoral boss who indulges in unprotected sex with a university student on attachment at his farm and impregnates her. Depravity at its worst!

“A quick search on this platform, even if done by ediots, will readily show that no lie, or stone on insults, sponsored by Emmerson Mnangagwa or his varakashi has ever been left unturned. Never. Everything is being archived. Tomorrow is coming. We’ll see what will happen!”