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Comedian Mai TT dragged landlord to court

HARARE comedian Felistus Murata, popularly known as Mai TT, recently dragged her landlords to court after they allegedly bashed over an undisclosed dispute.

Tapiwa J Nicholas, 35, and Susan Mpofu, 23, owners of the Mabelreign house rented by Mai TT appeared before Harare magistrate Ruramai Chitumbura facing assault charges.

They were remanded out of custody on free bail.

Court heard that misunderstanding arose between the three at the Mabelreign property resulting in the accused bashing the comedian.

When she turned up at the courts, the comedian was in the company of her bodyguard who tried to force his way through the vetting office.


He was however, blocked by court officials who told him that only those involved in the case were allowed inside.

Sebastian Mutizirwa prosecuted.

This is the second time Mai TT has been before the courts over a case of assault.

Last year she dragged to court a Harare woman who had reportedly bashed her over a debt.

Towards year end, she was again in the court after she accused her business partner of theft