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Acie Lumumba picked up by ZACC for questioning, ARREST imminent

Anti-graft body the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) has picked up Zanu-PF activist and former chairperson for the Ministry of Finance’s Communications Taskforce, William Gerald Mutumanje, also known as Acie Lumumba for questioning.

The anti-corruption organisation had indicated that it was keen to talk to Lumumba and possibly to have him arrested after he made serious allegations against four Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe directors which led to their suspensions. In a Facebook live video post, Lumumba alleged that the four directors were involved in corruption and were major players on the foreign currency black market.

In the same video, Lumumba claimed that RBZ governor John Mangudya was clean and absolved him of any involvement in corruption only to backtrack a few weeks later and accuse Mangudya of being the infamous “Queen Bee” whom he claimed was the mastermind and orchestrator of all the illicit activities.

Commissioner in charge of investigations for ZACC, Goodson Nguni indicated that his organisation was very interested in interviewing Lumumba and was only waiting for someone to file a complaint against him in order to have him arrested. Nguni said,

We are waiting for someone to write a letter with the allegations against Lumumba and after that, we will ask the police to arrest him.


At the time of publishing, iHarare was yet to ascertain the charges which may have been levelled against Lumumba.