Sir Wicknell Now Bankrupt As The Anti-Corruption Noose Tightens

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Wicknel Chivhayo, the profligate businessman from Zimbabwe is in deep trouble as the CID Commercial Crimes Division closes in on him. Chivhayo is being investigated together with his co-accused Eng Noah Farai Gwariro the Managing Director of Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC). The duo are being accused of defrauding the Zimbabwe Power Company to the tune of US$5,6 million through misrepresentation.

In an affidavit deposed by the investigating officer at Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) it is alleged that Chivayo acted in connivance with officials from Ministry Of Energy and Power Development to defraud ZPC by requesting an advance payment without offering an advance payment guarantee.


Chivhayo then on five different occasions misrepresented to the ZPC Finance Director with invoices valued at $6 096 084 for payment on the pretext that the funds were for design and feasibility study and pre-commencement works on the Gwanda Solar Power Generation Plant.

ZPC then paid the required funds with the belief that the money would be used for the stated purposes. Chivhayo is alleged to have converted the bulk of the money to personal use with only $125 000 being committed towards the project.

ZACC on 14 December 2017 then applied for a Warrant Of Search and Seizure which was granted. The police were granted the permission to get bank statements for the two bank accounts that Mr Chivhayo and Intratrek have at CBZ Bank on Kwame Nkrumah Road in Harare. They were also granted permission to view the documents relating to transfers that were made for the two accounts including the documents on the finalisation of an application by Head Exchange Control at CNZ to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe seeking authority to load US$849 475 on Wicknel Chivhayo’s VISA card.

In his defense, Chivhayo argues that the case is purely contractual and thus does not require the involvement of the police and ZACC. Chivhayou claims that he has met his side of the bargain after carrying out a Feasibility Study at a cost of $2,177,960.00. He claims a report was then delivered and was dutifully certified by ZPC Executive Management.

On establishment of the Gwanda Site, Chivhayo claims that ZPC had agreed to pay subcontractors directly for work that was due to have been completed by 31 December 2017. Chivhayo argues progress was retarded by the ZPC’s spurious allegations against his company.

This publication has gathered that investigations are nearly complete and Chivhayo could be picked up any time this month.

Chivhayo has made many headlines due to his loose mouth and grand rumblings mocking other Zimbabweans whom he used to blatantly call poor and useless. He has been in the headlines for wrong reasons especially flaunting his riches.