Bulawayo man dies after being struck with a bottle on the head during robbery

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A 22-YEAR-OLD man from Bulawayo died after he was struck with a bottle on the head during a robbery.

Mourners at the late Makhosini Siziba’s home in Mzilikazi suburb, Bulawayo
Mourners at the late Makhosini Siziba’s home in Mzilikazi suburb, Bulawayo

Two unknown people who are still at large attacked Makhosini Siziba of Mzilikazi suburb while he was walking home with his friend, only identified as Timothy, from a beer drink around midnight on Friday.

The duo was coming from their regular night spot, Jika-Jika Night Club, within the suburb.

Siziba sustained a deep cut on the head and Timothy sprained a leg where he was also hit with a bottle.

They managed to walk to Ross Camp Police Station where they reported the matter before going to Mpilo Central Hospital where they were both admitted.

Siziba died on Saturday afternoon.

The assailants stripped Siziba of his takkies, jacket and shirt before grabbing his wallet containing an undisclosed amount of money and his identity particulars.

Grandmother to the deceased, Mrs Omelia Siziba (77), said Timothy informed her that they were in hospital.

“Timothy said they had been attacked at around midnight and luckily the two managed to walk to the police station where they reported the matter before proceeding to Mpilo Central Hospital.

“He phoned me around 2AM and I visited the two on the following morning. At around 6AM, Makhosini, who had been said to have been brave earlier on, couldn’t speak anymore. He didn’t even open his eyes and I noted that he was in pain.

“We suspect he had bled internally. He died later during the day,” she said.

Mrs Siziba said her grandson had narrated the ordeal to the police before he became unconscious.

“He said Timothy tried to fight the two robbers when they pounced on them and when he tried to intervene and help his friend, one of them hit him with a bottle and he lost consciousness.

“They then stripped him of his clothes, searched his trouser pockets and fled with his wallet,” she said.

A resident, a Mr Msimanga, said police should consider patrolling the suburb as it was no longer safe.

“We wish residents could be united and work hand in hand with the police to make our suburb a crime- free place. One cannot walk safely after 7PM in our neighbourhood unless they are familiar with the notorious thugs.

“It is sad a young man has lost his life to these merciless robbers who are always on the loose and ready to pounce on innocent people. They could have just demanded what they wanted rather than to injure them as this has resulted in death. How do they feel when their deeds result in death?” he said.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango could not be reached for comment. The Chronicle